Air Freight

Our team in the Beirut International Airport allows us to handle all kind of airfreight. We are among the best companies to handle cold chain shipments, 24 hours a day, in our temperature controlled trucks.
We can manage reliable air freight import and export services due to our well trained professional team, worldwide network agents, the state-of-the-art equipment, and a well based quality management system (QMS).
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  • Import
    Our well trained and professional team will ensure the right flow of information from loading till delivery, with technical assistance. The right and smart coordination with the customers will ensure the safe delivery of the shipments.
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  • Export
    We assist our customers in advising all freight and other charges, the best routing for their shipments with the most reliable airline companies and with the safest conditions
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  • Packing
    We afford the adequate packing for every shipment depending on their type, to ensure the safe delivery of the cargo.
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  • Customs Clearance
    Customs Clearance
    our location in the Beirut International Airport, the in-house customs brokerage, and a very professional team informed and very familiar with the Lebanese customs procedures, allows us to have a great flexibility and reliability in the service
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  • Transportation
    We offer premium tools for local transportation. Our range vary from simple trucks, tail gate trucks, and temperature controlled trucks. Our fully owned fleet of temperature controlled trucks are validated for pharmaceutical transport, temperature controlled trucks range from -20 up to +25 °C, double calibrated temperature monitoring system, 10 Years logging history capabilities, and pharmaceutical Handling QMS oriented
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